Direct Mail

For some kinds of practices, direct mail such as letters, brochures and postcards can still be an effective way to market your office. From dental practices to eye doctors, we can design beautiful & effective printed material and handle your entire campaign, from planning carrier routes or mailing lists to printing and mailing to reporting on results.

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Thanks to the large volume of printing we do on behalf of our clients, we have access to deep discounts on printing costs. Our in-house design team can work with you to customize and perfect your letter, brochure or postcard, and we’ll partner with you to set up all the tracking you’ll need to calculate a return on your investment.

Oversized Brochures (5.6' x 11')

Printed and mailed for under $0.45 each (including EDDM postage).

Oversized Postcards (6.25' x 9')

Printed and mailed for under $0.38 each (including EDDM postage).

* Depending on the size of your direct mail campaign, we may be able to offer discounts on printing costs which can lower the prices listed above. Depending on geography, there may be shipping charges reqired to get your bulk mail to the post office. Contact us at (732) 749 - 8548 to discuss your needs in greatr detail.