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Why PPC Campaigns Fail (and how to fix it)

I meet with clients all of the time who say "Pay per click doesn't work for us". As we chat, I usually discover that they made an attempt at self-managing the campaign (not a bad thing, in and of itself), and then the damning information comes out: the destination URL (where visitors go when they click your ad) was the homepage of their main website.

To understand why that's such a deal breaker, we not only need to understand the psychology that drives our Web browsing but also what is at the base of all human drive. According to Aristotle "happiness is the meaning and purpose of life," so people's pursuit of happiness will drive all aspects of their life including Web browsing.

How do you apply the psychology of happiness to your landing page?

To create a high-converting landing page you will need to align your page with your prospect's desire to find happiness.

People are happy when:

  • They are thought of first. Make them the center of attention. Use the word "you" often.
  • They see images they like. Feature images that humans have shown to appreciate such as bright colors, happy people and cute animals.
  • They read positive words. Your content should be encouraging and optimistic.
  • The service or product is easy to understand. Clearly describe the product or service and use pictures if possible.
  • Others are happy. Display your positive reviews and testimonials.
  • Their price point expectation is met. If you know the ideal price point for your product or service, match that. Tell them what they want to hear and they will be happy.
  • They save money. For some, the desire not to lose something is greater than their need to gain something. For those motivated by loss aversion, explain what can be saved by buying your service or product. Similarly you can explain the loss of not obtaining your service or product.
  • There is a logical flow and conclusion. Your landing page needs to flow clearly an effortlessly from start to finish with a call to action.
  • If you understand that people are driven by their desire to find happiness and apply it to Web browsing and your landing page, your PPC campaign will not fail.

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