Why Bing Ads Should Be Used In A Marketing Campaign

Deciding where to spend a marketing campaign budget is an important decision. Many businesses tend to go down the same route and put their money into Google for their advertising. While the use of Bing as a paid advertising channel is often overlooked, there are many reasons it should not be.

Bing Ads is Bing's advertising platform similar to Google's AdWords. Like Google AdWords, ads are placed on a search engine. Unlike Google, that only reaches those using the Google search engine, Microsoft and Yahoo's Bing Ads uses one platform to place ads on the results page of three search engines, Bing, AOL and Yahoo. While ads only appear on one search engine for Google AdWords, they do reach a larger audience with 64% of search engine market share, while Bing only has 33% market share. Despite a lower search engine market share, there is something to consider here. A person tends to use only one search engine, so if only using Google AdWords for a campaign, that is 33% of the U.S. market that automatically will not see an Ad because they do not use Google as a search engine. Expanding the reach of audience is one reason why Bing Ads is a smart addition to a Google Adwords marking campaign, but there are more reasons why Bing Ads should be used in a marketing campaign.

Reach Larger Target Audience - As already stated, using Bing Ads allows a campaign to reach an audience that never uses Google as their search engine, therefore will not see any ad using Google Adwords. Using Bing Ads connects 33% of the Market to an advertisement that would go otherwise unseen.

Less Competition - Many advertising campaigns are focused on using one strategy that reaches the largest audience, leaving Bing Ads behind because of its lower reach. Because of this, there is less competition with Bing Ads giving more traffic to those who use it, making it easier to dominate the platform.

Descriptive Text - Bing text ad allows up to 71 characters, compared to Google Adwords' limited 35 characters. More text means more influential information can be seen by a prospect, persuading a click.

Higher CTR - Bing tends to have a higher CTR (click through rate) proving that they are more effective. This higher rate could be because of the better ad placement, or more descriptive text causing a click.

Lower CPC - Bing Ads have a lower CPC (cost per click) than Google Adwords. On average it is said Bing is 42% less than Google.

Better ROI - Google Adwords may outrank Bing Ads when it comes to volume, but Bing Ads triumphs when it comes to getting the most out of your investment. With a lower CPC and higher CTR this normally translates to a better ROI (return on investment).

While Google dominates in the search and paid advertising platforms, Bing has a lot of advantages such as expanding the reach of audience, less competition and better ROI. While many are skeptical, Bing offers benefits that make it worth a try for any marketing campaign.

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