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How Landing Pages Can Benefit Marketing Efforts For Your Medical Practice

Utilizing landing pages for your medical practice will allow you to make the most out of your marketing budget. There is nothing wrong with using various marketing efforts in order to attract more traffic to your website. However, solely relying on Google Ad Words or Facebook ads that link to your website to convert visitors into patients, is a waste of your time and money.

On your website, there are a million things a visitor can get distracted by. From your list of services, to the "About Us" section, to the photo gallery - your potential patient has moved farther and farther away from the "Make An Appointment" button.

Landing pages are a good way to utilize your resources effectively. Here's why:

Landing pages give you the opportunity to focus your content on the needs of your consumers. For example, if you create a Google Ad that is targeted towards people searching for face-lifts, the most effective way to convert them into a lead is by sending them to a page geared towards face-lifts.

If someone is searching for face-lifts and gets taken to the homepage of your website, they can aimlessly be scrolling around and looking at other content until they eventually exit out. If a visitor does not see content directly related to what they are searching for immediately after clicking a link, chances are you just lost them as a patient.

Here are a few ways a good landing page will convert people into leads:

Put a headline in large text on the top of your page that is similar to the wording of your ads.

Keep it short and sweet. Use little text, bullet points, and shorter headlines that are beneficial to your consumer.

Make your form short, ask for as little information as possible. The less information they have to enter, the better.

Make sure the buttons on the page stand out and get their attention. For example, put "Book My Appointment" instead of "Submit."

Another great thing about landing pages is that you can do A/B testing. A/b testing is when you show a different version of your landing page to every other visitor to see which one performs better. The best way to perform A/B testing is only changing one variable at a time, like your form for example, so you know what's making the difference.

If you want more new patients and to make the most of your marketing budget, give our expert team at Unleash Marketing a call at (732) 749 - 8548 today!

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