Why You Should Advertise On Instagram

Instagram is one of the largest social networks making its reach to prospects endless. As of January 2018 it has over 800 million active users and is only growing. The ability to reach an expansive audience, with various captivating formats, is why Instagram is a smart advertising platform.

The audience of Instagam is captivated by striking images and videos. Even if you do not have a material product, Instagram's platform allows you to post attractive visuals and videos to capture the interest of an audience. On each post add in a branded hashtag and before you know it you will be connected to your ideal audience.

Your Instagram ad will not look like an ad, it will have the look of every other post on Instagram keeping your business unobtrusive. To reach a target audience you can use Facebook data since Facebook now owns Instagram. Your ad will have a comment section so you can maintain interaction with your consumers and prospective ones.

If you like the ability to change the look of your ad, to captivate your audience in different ways, Instagram has four feed ad options and two ad types for Instagram Stories. The four feed ad types are photo ads, video ads, slideshow ads and carousel ads. You can create up to six ads containing one single-image each for photo ads. Video ads are single-video advertisements that consist of a GIF or a video. Slide show ads run images on a loop with music, you are allowed up to 10 images for a slide show ad. Carousel ads consist of two or more videos or images. To get traffic to your site from any of these four ad types add your website's URL and select a CTA (call to action) button. Instagram Stories ads have two formats, single image and single video. These ads look exactly like any other Instagram Story but with text at the bottom that says "Sponsored". The single image ad allows you to make up to six ads with one image each and the video ad allows you to upload a GIF or video up to 15 seconds long.

Not only will you be able to reach an expansive audience with multiple ad formats, but Instagram advertisements cost less than other social media sites, such as its parent site Facebook. It is said that running ads on Instagram is twice as cost-effective as on Facebook. Instagram gives you the ability to set your budget for your advertisements as well as the schedule with which they run. While more cost-effective, Instagram still has the same ability as Facebook to target your audience by selecting factors like demographic, gender, age, interests, location, behaviors, or language.

With an expansive audience and various ad types, Instagram is a smart, easy and cost-effective choice for your business's advertisement platform.

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