How Was Your Practice Website Built?

Out of all of the Javascript frameworks and libraries, React and Angular are the most popular for developers. So how do you choose? Let us help you know the differences between the two. Angular has a bit of a tougher learning curve compared to react. However, both require you to learn their basic and advanced concepts.

Angular is an open-source JavaScript framework that is written in TypeScript, released in 2010. Angular is based on three layers being Models, Views, and Controllers. It comes with a complicated yet fixed structure and makes it easier for developers to re-use templates and codes in other projects. Angular has an outstanding workspace where you can design certain components with a few lines of code, and the built-in processes allow you to easily solve issues. Angular also uses real DOM for its applications, which is good for single pages that get updated frequently.

React is an open-source JavaScript library that was developed by Facebook. Unlike Angular, React does not have a fixed format to write in codes. The code written is framed well and easy to read. React has a lot of tools to use and third-party libraries. React uses a virtual DOM and is good for pages that need regular content updates. For example, Instagram uses this to update the newsfeed on their users� page.

All together, Angular is best to use when you are developing large-scale applications with a lot of features. It makes the development of real-time messenger apps easy and is good for teams who are knowledgeable in typescript. React is best to use with the development of single-page or cross-platform applications. It makes it easier to make light applications with modern abilities in a short period of time.

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