Optimize Google Searches with Local SEO Tips

Getting your customers to find you is the top priority in maximizing your ranking and conversions. This is also the main goal of using SEO strategies. Local searches are how your customers find you with the phrase “near me” or listing your business’s town, city, street, or zip code. When customers enter the world of Google, typically they are not going beyond the first page of their search. That is why it is important to prioritize a strong local SEO strategy; it requires higher purchase intent but will provide maximum benefits for you and your company. To prioritize rankings and conversions with your ad cost spend, it is optimal to get your business on this first page; also known as the SERP (search engine result page). In order to achieve this goal of getting your customers to find you there are several tips that are important to follow.

In your Google My Business listing it is important to provided valuable information for the customer. Include your NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number) as well as other key information like your hours of operation. Make sure this information is accurate and remains up-to-date across your website and web listings. If an address appears different on the web listing compared to the website it is likely to drive to customer away. Also, in your listing it helps if you have high ratings and good reviews that are visible to the consumer; this will make your listing stand out more than others boosting your SEO making your business more likely to make it on the SERP. You can find out more on how to improve your local ranking on Google here: Google Business Profile Help.

In your listing the call number is one of the most important outlets of information, for the consumer to get in touch with the producer. Once a potential customer is viewing your listing they are more likely to call if it is easy with a one-click feature. An easy calling method brings in more leads, optimizing your SEO as well as creating more opportunity for conversions. Another key tip when promoting your business and its phone number in a Google My Business listing is to make the promoted number a tracking number that connects directly to your phone line. Marketers prioritize this method as it allows for you to see where your leads are coming from. This helps so you can manage your marketing strategy to known what is working and what is not working.

Another strategy to boost your listing and make search engines more likely to rank you higher on the SERP is adding schema mark ups to your site. Adding a schema is like speaking the language of search engines. This is a way to add more easily accessible information about your business. You can display reviews, locations, phone numbers, FAQs or even costs of products in your schema mark ups. Taking the time to add schema markup can improve your CTR and boost as well as improve your local search rankings; boosting you above competitors.

Your company may have several locations. If this is the case it is important to create location-specific pages. Per each location of your company there should be a specific page for each town or city. This doesn’t mean creating a whole new page; it just requires mentioning the town or city you are trying to reach throughout the site. In terms of HTML keeping the name of your location in the H1 tags is a good start. Remember the goal in mind is prioritizing local SEO.

The last two steps are important in any site building strategy to ensure good SEO performance, local or not. One is to make sure your site correlates well in mobile form, not just the look and read of it but the speed it operates in as well. If your mobile site speed is not loading quickly it can cause you to lose potential customers to your competitors. You can test your sites mobile speed using Google’s mobile-friendly tool. This step can be incorporated in the final step of this process which is to test and measure. This site will be in constant rotation of stages of completed and editing. It is important to make changes constantly to continue to boost your SEO to ensure the rest results for local searches.

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